Spiral Antenna 2-18 GHz

Spiral Antenna 2-18GHz

Spiral antennas with broadband frequency are a unique, complex, multi-layer radiation characteristics traveling wave (TW) structure that has become an important antenna for military applications such as radar warning, electronic devices, direction finding. For other applications that require efficient transmission performance, such as telecommunications and radars, spiral antennas have not been used because they are invariably loaded, typically 3 dB loss and resulting low efficiency.

Among broadband antennas, the spiral has the advantages of small size,convenience,wideband which is between 2-18GHz as well as a unique form factor that makes it compatible with the platform on which it is mounted. These physical properties are of extremely practical importance, especially for the C-band and lower frequencies, where wavelength is important to the size of people and equipment. As a result, the spiral antenna has become the only airborne antenna used in military applications that required ultra-wide bandwidth.