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Antenna  Design

RF Components Design

Communication Systems Design

Who We Are

GraphenePi offer solutions and implements projects in the fields of defense, RF systems, communication systems with its developing R&D center, and offer quality services with high technology. GraphenePi aims to be one of the pioneers in technology in the growth of the industry and to provide customer needs by producing solutions with advanced technology.

As GraphenePi R&D Engineering, we design many type of antennas for many military and civil applications.According to need of customers, we design different wideband or narrow bandwidths, different frequency ranges, high gain, compact size, customizable  antennas.

As GraphenePi R&D Engineering, we serve in fields of RF components such as filters, couplers, RF switches, bias tee, diplexers, combiners, dividers, phase shifters in high/low frequencies and easy to integrate and matched with systems.

As GraphenePi R&D Engineering, we contribute to different types of communication systems with our unique antenna designs and rf component designs. We offer 5G antennas, low-frequency antennas used in wireless systems, satellite antennas. We also provide services in the fields of GPS, radar, remote sensing systems, monitoring, identifications, direction finding.

For Your Business

  • Real Solutions with Creative Ideas
  • Unique Design with Advanced Technology
  • High Quality Product