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The methods which used with the developing communication systems are developing. Today, the usage and effect of antennas, which are one of the most important tools of communication systems are increasing day by day. Antennas which used in almost all areas in the communication systems have many types according to their usage areas and purposes. Besides, microwave components also have importance in communication systems. Many components such as filters, waveguides, phase shifting, and power amplifiers are used in many fields. As GraphenePi, we offer wideband antenna designs according to customer needs by using Bicone antenna, Discone Antenna, Reflector Antenna, GNSS Antenna, Spiral Antenna, Vivaldi Antenna, Isoflux Pattern Antenna, and more type of antennas. We also offer RF designs using many filter types such as low pass filter, high pass filter, band pass filter, and band stop filter. Click the button for more antenna and microwave components.