Isoflux Pattern Antenna

Isoflux Pattern Antenna


Isoflux Pattern Antenna is used in satellites and pico satellites (CubeSat). Pico satellites are used in many areas for various purposes. In these satellites, different radiation patterns, frequency bands, and polarization for long distances are used to provide communication for uniform coverage on the earth’s surface. An antenna with an isoflux model is required because of its uniform power density over a wide coverage area.

Today, X band antennas which used with Isoflux radiation pattern have disadvantages for using in picosatellites due to their size and weight. It brings additional costs from production to orbit. For this reason, reducing the weight and dimensions of the antenna will solve a big problem in picosatellite production and reduce the costs. GraphenePi aims to overcome the problem encountered in the design, production, and use of picosatellites which used for many purposes with a new X band isoflux antenna design. Besides, we offer separate solutions for satellites and picosatellites.

Our design a compact dual circular polarized Isoflux antenna is a great solutions for satellite applications. The Isoflux Antenna has 2 feed types including coaxial and waveguide, and consists of a horn antenna. With a bandwidth of 7.5–8.7 GHz, this Isoflux Antenna offers a gain close to 6 dB.





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