GNSS Antenna

GNSS Antenna

gnss antenna

Today, many civil and military systems and vehicles require geolocation systems. Geographic positioning systems must have high accuracy. For this purpose, the antenna used must have high gain, low phase centered, and circular polarization. In addition, the accuracy of the calculated position will increase by protecting it from noise and interference. In this project, the antenna to be designed for geolocation systems will have high gain, operate in circular polarization, and phase center will be quite low. This product, which will be presented as a result of R&D, will have a very small size, easy to be mounted on air and land vehicles. As GraphenePi, we aim to create a unique design product with a compact structure, small size, low cost, high gain, low phase center, circular polarization, and noise-canceling features in this project.

Our dual band active GNSS Antenna supports GPS L1, GLONASS L1, GPS L2  GLONASS L2, Galileo E1, BeiDou B1 bands. The antenna has 1227-1575 MHz frequency ranges,low voltage, low power consumption,low noise, high gain amplifier and 43 dB gain.

Our dual band active GNSS  is available for mapping,navigation,automotive cars, mining,monitoring,unmanned aircrafts,timing,military vehicles




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