Isoflux Antenna

isoflux antenna
isoflux antenna

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Brand : GraphenePi R&D Engineering

Product Code : A-IA-A3031

Country of Origin : Turkey

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Isoflux Antenna

Today, the usage areas of satellite applications are increasing.It is used in many fields, especially in military applications, for purposes such as monitoring, environmental monitoring, meteorology, map making,navigation systems.

Antennas with circular polarization are preferred in satellite applications. One of them is the isoflux pattern antenna. With its bidirectional circular polarization feature, it is a very useful antenna type in satellite and cubesat applications.

A-IA-A3031 Isoflux Antenna

As GraphenePi R&D Engineering, we designed a compact dual circular polarized Isoflux antenna for satellite applications. A-IA-A3031 Isoflux Antenna has 2 feed types including coaxial and waweguide, and consists of a horn antenna. With a bandwidth of 7.5–8.7 GHz, this Isoflux Antenna offers a gain close to 6 dB.

A-IA-A3031 Isoflux Antenna has been designed by GraphenePi R&D Engineering is an unmatched solution for a compact dual circularly polarized for satellites, pico satellites(cubesat) applications