Discone Antenna

discone antenna
discone antenna

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Brand : GraphenePi R&D Engineering

Product Code : A-DA-A2037

Country of Origin : Turkey

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Discone Antenna

Discone antennas are a version of biconical antennas. They are omnidirectional, vertically polarized and have an wide bandwidth with dipole-like gain. They offer a frequency range ratio of up to about 10:1 and a low radiation angle. Discone antennas which have  high sensitivity are ideal for VHF/UHF applications. The discone antenna is used for many radio communication applications as radio scanning and monitoring for the commercial or military services.

Features of A-DA-A2037 Discone Antenna

Our A-DA-A2037 Discone Antenna is an omnidirectional antenna with a wide frequency range of 2-18 GHz. A-DA-A2037 Discone Antenna, specially designed by GraphenePi R&D Engineering, has (-3)_5 dBi gain, VSWR(max) ≤ 2 features.It provides great advantages especially in military field with its omnidirectional and broadband features in wireless communication, direction finding,monitoring  applications.