Vivaldi Antenna


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Brand : GraphenePi R&D Engineering

Product Code : A-VA-A2050

Country of Origin : Turkey

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Vivaldi Antenna

Vivaldi antennas are planar antennas operating in a wide frequency range. Like horn antennas, they provide high gain with their conical slot design. Vivaldi antennas are widely used in UWB system due to their wide bandwidth, high directivity, low cross polarization and easy fabrication.

A-VA-A2050 Vivaldi Antenna

A-VA-A2050 Vivaldi Antenna has features of  high gain,wide frequency ranges,linearly polarization(vertical/horizontal), widespread applicability, simplicity in its construction, ease of stimulation, versatility. A-VA-A2050 Vivaldi Antenna has the advantages of wideband capability and easy impedance matching to the supply line.

A-VA-A2050 Vivaldi Antenna is an ideal antenna for radar applications, wireless communication applications, broadband applications and dual polarization applications