Spiral Antenna

spiral antenna
spiral antenna

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Brand : GraphenePi R&D Engineering

Product Code : A-SA-A2047

Country of Origin : Turkey

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Spiral Antenna

Spiral antennas are antennas that operate over a wide frequency range. The polarization, radiation pattern and impedance of these antennas remain unchanged across the wide bandwidth. Spiral antennas are naturally circularly polarized with low gain. The small size of spiral antennas is due to their spiral shape.

A-SA-A2047 Spiral Antenna

Our A-SA-A2047 Spiral Antenna has a wide frequency range of 2-18 GHz with right and left circular polarization.Spiral antenna with 50 ohm impedance is compact in size

A-SA-A2047 Spiral Antenna  provides a great advantage in broadband communications due to its wide frequency range. It is used in wideband communication, navigation and monitoring of the frequency spectrum applications.