GNSS Antenna

gnss antenna
gnss antenna

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Brand : GraphenePi R&D Engineering

Product Code : A-GA-A3032

Country of Origin : Turkey

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GNSS Antenna

GNSS antennas which are increasingly used today are a device designed to receive and amplify radio signals transmitted by GNSS satellites at certain frequencies and convert them into an electronic signal for use by a GNSS or GPS receiver.

A-GA-A3032 GNSS Antenna

The A-GA-A3032 GNSS Antenna designed by GraphenePi R&D Enginnering  has been designed to support high accuracy aerial, land and marine applications in one compact design.A-GA-3032 GNSS Antenna support for GPS L1, GLONASS L1, GPS L2 and GLONASS L2, Galileo E1 BeiDou B1 bands.High gain A-GA-A3032 GNSS antenna is supported TNC/N type connectors.

GNSS antennas have recently expanded in their area of use and activities. In automobiles; It is used in factors such as map, direction finding, speed, finding direction in boats and ships, accelerating rescue efforts, finding the target in air, land and sea military vehicles, positioning, directing the troops.

As GraphenePi R&D Engineering, we have designed a GNSS antenna that can be used in many different applications in military and civilian areas with our product with A-GA-A3032 GPS L1, GLONASS L1, GPS L2 and GLONASS L2, Galileo E1 BeiDou B1 bands. We offer high profits. Besides, it is compact in size and can be easily integrated with the system.